Tuesday 24 May 2022

Covid-19 & VItamin D: Canada –vaccination effects in April 2022


Can this be true?

Yes, it is true. 

When I saw this headline, I thought that it could not possibly be true. The obvious way for me to find out the truth was to look at official data from Public Health Agency Canada (PHAC). This I did, and I would like to share the data with you. 

This Blog post involves a lot of numbers, but only simple sums, what we would have learned in primary schools. The Figures might look complicated but please bear with me and the steps are really quite easy. I have simplified the data tables from PHA Canada, initially concentrating on deaths only and ignoring gender. I show the full tables from the PHAC reports as I want to emphasise that I am using authentic official data that is open to the public. My numbers are not fiction or misinformation, but the truth.

Vaccinations (strictly mRNA injections) were first introduced in December 2020, and the reports from PHA Canada show cumulative numbers of serious Covid-19, hospital admissions, and deaths since then. During the first six months very few people had been vaccinated, and then only once. The number increased rapidly during 2021 and most people with second vaccinations, for many a third following in 2022. 

In the reports, vaccination status is recorded as follows:

  • No vaccination, (Vax 0)
  • One vaccination, but very recent (<21 days) so that it could not be considered to have a defensive effect.
  • Part vaccinated, that is one vaccination more than 21 days previously (Vax 1)
  • Fully vaccinated, that is two vaccinations (Vax 2)
  • Fully vaccinated plus additional ("booster")  (Vax 3)

Public Health Agency Canada (PHAC) data

April 10th 2022

The analysis by the PHA Canada identified 2,091,432 patients ("cases") who had severe outcomes from Covid-19 by April 10th 2022. Of these 85,267 had been admitted to hospital, that is 0.75% of those who were seriously ill. 15,775 died, which is 18.5% of those admitted to hospital, a similar proportion to results from other nations.

Of the 15,775 who died, at the time of death 9,511 were unvaccinated, 2,770 were fully vaccinated (two vaccinations) and 1835 had an additional booster. 

Figure 1. Details from PHAC report April 10th 2022

We can see the details in Figure 1. Concentrate on "Deaths". A simplification will follow in Figure 2.

 60.3% of those who died between December 2020 and April 10th 2022 were unvaccinated, whereas 11.63% were fully vaccinated plus booster. 5.5% were partially vaccinated (x1) and 17.6% were fully vaccinated (x2). It looks at first sight as though being unvaccinated is a serious disadvantage and that vaccinations are life-saving. However this is cumulative data from December 2020, at a time when no-one was vaccinated. 

Conclusions cannot be drawn from results over a time of such major change. If we want to know the effectiveness of vaccinations, ideally we must look at the results of a randomised controlled trial (RCT), in which all subjects would start and end the study at the same time. However, no RCT has been conducted for long enough to assess the effect on severe disease and death. It is therefore necessary look at observational data of high quality, such as provided by the PHAC weekly reports.

Because data from December 2020 to April 2022 have been included, and with major changes taking place in the number vaccinated, the results can have little meaning at the present time. The overall result as outlined cannot be used to predict risk to individuals now or in the immediate future. In the early months when most deaths occured, the vast majority of the population would inevitably have been unvaccinated. 

What is the effect of vaccination "NOW" ?

It is essential to look at “now”, as this is much more relevant to us as individuals than what happened more than two years ago. "Now" means we are looking at data that we can use to help us decide what to do for the best. If we want to look at “now”, we can look at the official Canadian data and in particular what has happened during the single recent week between the reports of April 10 (Figure 1) and April 17 (Figure 2) 2022.

We can summarise that on week April 10th the cumulative deaths were:

Total deaths 15,775

Unvaccinated  9511

Vaccination <21 days, not expected to be effective, 783

Partially vaccinated (x1) 876

Fully vaccinated (x2) 2770

Fully vaccinated plus booster (x3) 1835

The report of April 17th 

Figure 2. Details from PHAC report April 17th 2022

If once again we concentrate on deaths, we can see the following results:

Total deaths 16,002

Unvaccinated  9512

Vaccination <21 days, not expected to be effective, 782

Partially vaccinated (x1) 881

Fully vaccinated (x2) 2832

Fully vaccinated plus booster (x3) 1995

Therefore the total number of Covid deaths during the specific week April 10th to April 17th increased from 15,775 to 16,002, which is an increase of 227.

What happened during the week April 10th to April 17th

Covid-19 deaths among the unvaccinated increased from 9511 to 9512, an increase during the week of just one. Only 1 of the 227 Covid-19 deaths was a person who had not been vaccinated. Let this true but unpublicised fact sink in.

The deaths among the very recently vaccinated (not expected to be protected) for some reason went down from  783 to 782, perhaps a printing error rather than a resurrection.

Deaths among the partial vaccinated (x1) increased from 876 to 881, which is 5 additional deaths.

Deaths among the fully vaccinated (x2) increased from 2770 to 2832, which is 62 additional deaths.

The number of “fully vaccinated with an additional dose” (x3) who died increased from 1835 to 1995. The increase during this week was therefore 1,995-1,835 which is 160.

Of the 227 Covid-19 deaths during this week in April, 226 had been vaccinated at least once. This is 226 x 100 ÷ 227 = 99.6%.

These results are summarised in Figure 3. You will appreciate that we are dealing with elementary grade sums.

Figure 3. Summary of PHAC reports of April 10th and 17th 2022

The more vaccinations, the greater the risk of death 

We can calculate the relative percentage increase of Covid-19 deaths during the week of April 10th to April 17th 2022. It is the number of deaths during the week divided by the April 10th cumulative deaths (the baseline) expressed as a percentage  with two decimal points. These results are shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4. Percentage changes in deaths between April 10th and 17th 2022

The overall increase was 1.44%. It was 0.01% in the unvaccinated, 0.57% in the single vaccinated, 2.24% in the double vaccinated, and 8.72% in the triple vaccinated.

We can look at this is graphical format in Figure 5:

Figure 5. Percentage increase in Covid-19 deaths between April 10th and 17th 2022 
according to vaccination status

This effect of vaccination on Covid-19 deaths can only be viewed as alarming.

April 17th to May 1st 2022

It is important to look at other weeks so as to make certain that we are not dealing with a major printing or other error. I have now been able to look at the most recent report by PHA Canada, which takes us up to May 1st, two weeks after April 17th. Figure 6 displays the data.

Figure 6. Details from PHAC report May 1st 2022

We now need to add this to the summary of the previous week, and this can be seen in Figure 7.

Figure 7. Details from PHAC report May 1st 2022 added to results
 from April 10th and April 17th

During these two weeks, April 17th to May 1st, there were an additional 1696 Covid-19 deaths, 6.2% increase among the unvaccinated and 55.1% in those vaccinated once, twice or three times, added together. 

For comparison with the previous week we can express these numbers as an average of 3.1% and 27.5% increases per week. The greatest weekly increase was 17.1% in the triple vaccinated.

Once again we can see a gradient of increasing risk of death with the number of vaccinations given (Figure 8).

Figure 8. Percentage weekly increase in Covid-19 deaths 
between April 17th  and May 1st 2022 
according to vaccination status

What is also alarming is that in the week April 10th to April 17th there were 227 additional deaths, whereas in the two weeks to May 1st there were 1696 additional deaths, or 848 per week. This is almost a quadrupling of Covid-19 deaths.

Why has this not been reported by PHAC?

It looks as though in April 2022 there was a considerable advantage in not being vaccinated. Unfortunately it is not possible to become de-vaccinated.

This analysis is very simple to those who can locate the data. It could have been undertaken week by week by Public Health Agency Canada. I wonder why this has not happened!

It would have been of great help to the population of Canada (and the rest of the world), but of course it might not have been so helpful to those who aim to repeatedly vaccinate the entire population of the world. We hear from official sources that the vaccinations are highly effective and are very safe. We are told that more vaccinations are esential, the fourth and now the fifth.  We are not told the details from Canada.

Covid-19 hospital admissions

You will have noticed that the tables from PHA Canada provided additional data concerning gender and hospital admissions, I have avoided these so far, for the purpose of simplicity. However the hospital admission data shows the same patterns as deaths. I will abbreviate the data display by just showing the summary data and the graphs, but you can refer to Figures 1,2,6 to see the PHAC numbers.

Figure 9. Covid-19 Hospital admissions, weeks of April 10–17 and April 17 – May 1st

In Figure 9 the data again show the greatest increase in hospital admissions due to serious Covid-19 in those fully vaccinated, and with a booster (Vax x3).

Figure 10 shows graphically the increase of hospital admissions according to vaccination status, the week of April 10th to April 17th. Once again there is a gradient of hospital admission risk according to vaccination status.

Figure 10. Effect of vaccination status on Covid-19 hospital admission 
during the week April 10th to April 17th 2022

We can go on to look at what happened during the two weeks sunsequent to April 17th 2022.

Figure 11 shows graphically the average weekly increase of hospital admissions according to vaccination status, during the two weeks of April 17th to May 1st.

Figure 11. Effect of vaccination status on Covid-19 hospital admission 
weekly average of April 17th to May 21st  2022

It is quite clear that as with Covid-19 deaths, vaccination has a very significant effect of increasing risk of hospital admissions. The third vaccination seems to be by far the most damaging, but data from a fourth vaccination are not yet available.

Why might vaccination be so damaging?

It appears that vaccinations against Covid-19 are reducing immunity and making us more susceptible to serious infection, and perhaps death. It could be due to toxicity, but as I suggested in previous Blog posts that the problem might be that the intense immune responses stimulated by vaccinations are inevitably consuming our Vitamin D reserves. It is then by inducing Vitamin D deficiency that our immunity reduces and our resistance to damaging Covid-19 diminishes. 

The more vaccines given, the greater the depletion of Vitamin D, and so the third vaccinations have the most profound damagung effects.

I know of no research into this suggestion and being retired I am no longer able to undertake such research myself. However vaccination-induced Vitamin D deficiency would be very easily treated so as to reverse damaging effects of vaccinations. Vaccines need Vitamin D.

We now need Vitamin D more than ever.

We have seen the Canadian experience. What about the rest of the world?

See next Blog post.

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Anecdotes are very important initiating steps to knowledge. What you write makes perfect sense if my proposal is correct, that multiple vaccinations are increasingly damaging to immunity as they consume Vitamin D and make us seriously deficient. Take vitamin D with vaccinations. I had two vaccinations to enable me to travel abroad, and I took Vitamin D 100,000 units extra two weeks before each vaccination. No problems. Now back on 20,000 units every Sunday. This could be advised officially but it is not happening. Also simple research opportunity.